I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like Coronavirus is all anyone is talking about! And my circles are definitely talking about how all of this will impact fundraising, specifically. So I thought you might want to hear some of what they are saying.

Below are links to a few of my favorite articles and thoughts on the subject:

Ann Goldman, my good friend and colleague, wrote this summary of a great conversation she and I had with a couple other consultants. It takes a positive view of how we as Fundraisers can step up to this challenge and do our best to be prepared and forge ahead.

You may already know about Fired Up Fundraising and Gail Perry. She wrote this helpful blog talking about what to expect, in a time when everything feels unpredictable.

Of course, Vu Le is always one of my favorites. He always challenges us to shake up the status-quo and think differently. This post does exactly that, with a more serious tone than he’s known for. Coronavirus is hitting his home city (Seattle) hard, so that gives him a front-line perspective we can all benefit from hearing.

I’m sure more will be written about this important subject in the coming days and weeks. I hope we can continue to share resources with each other. Take care of yourselves and your organizations. We will get through this.

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash