Fundraising Strategy Coaching

Together we take a strategic approach to your fundraising efforts in a one-on-one coaching relationship.

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If you are in charge of fundraising for your nonprofit, you might be asking yourself these questions:

How do I know where to focus my efforts?
I have an almost endless amount of energy for our mission, but constantly figuring out how to raise enough money to support the mission really drains my energy.

What should I be doing differently?
We have programs that work. We have solid leadership in place. But our fundraising results are just enough to get by.

How can I keep my board focused?
I know my board members have good intentions, but they are constantly telling me what other organizations are doing that we should be doing. How do I know if I should listen to them or stay the course?

What should I keep doing, and what should I stop doing?
Sometimes it feels like I’m on a treadmill when it comes to fundraising. Wash, rinse, repeat every year. But that’s what everyone else is doing, right?

If you can relate, then my signature coaching service was designed for you. I’ve spent over 25 years fundraising for nonprofits. Many nonprofit leaders need help knowing how to spend their precious fundraising time and efforts.

I’m here for you as:

  • a thought partner to walk with you and answer your challenging fundraising questions
  • someone to help you make sense of all the noise and endless ideas coming from all directions
  • someone to provide structure and guidance so you can successfully get the team and the board on the same page
  • someone who can help you adapt amidst our changing, challenging world because what worked before may not work next time

So you’re way past the start-up phase. You have moved beyond asking family and friends, you actually having a database of donor support…but now what?

  • How do you build an individual donor program?
  • How do you diversify your fundraising efforts to make sure you don’t stay or become dependent on one specific funder or donor?
  • How do you keep yourself and your board connected to a passion for the actual mission when it feels like you are constantly begging for money?

I get it. I have been in your shoes. I’ve been a front-line fundraiser, a board member, a volunteer, an event chair, and a donor. I’ve helped organizations small and large to clarify their fundraising strategy so they could make crucial progress and raise more money.

So what would does it look like to work with me?

  1. We meet for 90 minutes, twice a month, for six months (in person or Zoom).
  2. We create a Strategic Annual Fundraising Plan with some buy-in from your team and your board.
    Download an outline of my planning process here for FREE!
  3. We begin the process of implementation so I can be there to help you adjust and adapt as things change.
  4. After six months, we determine together whether ongoing coaching would be beneficial for you and your organization.

And guess what? We have an amazing time. When you figure out what works, it starts to feel good again. I have loved fundraising for about as long as I can remember, and I would love to help you see what that feels like. Trust me, it will be worth your investment.

I have some coaching spots open now. Let’s chat so I can answer your questions and we can choose a time to get started on your plan. I can’t wait!!

“Cindy is truly an expert in the field. Equipped with a razor sharp mind and a proven formula that works, she has helped us create a fundraising plan that is a dynamic, living document with realistic, attainable goals and measurable objectives and a step-by-step implementation plan for the staff and the Board. The plan itself is valuable, but even more valuable are the discussions we have in each of our bi-monthly meetings with Cindy. Cindy challenges us to think harder, dig deeper and reach higher than anyone from our Board, our staff or our supporters ever has. The conversations are not always easy – but that is exactly what makes them so important. And the results are, in a word, priceless. If you want someone to simply create a plan for you so you can check a box, present it and put it on a shelf for the next 3-5 years, then Cindy is not the right person for you. But if you want to have someone work with you to build your organization in ways you never even imagined possible, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, then Cindy is the only one for you.”


Executive Director | SungateKids