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Goodbye Donor Pyramid, Hello Donor Lifecycle Map!

Do you ever read something and lightbulbs start flashing in your head like your brain just went to Vegas? This was my experience when I recently read about the Donor Lifecycle Map. Talk about changing the paradigm! The donor pyramid focuses on the organization and how many donors you have at which levels right now. The Donor Lifecycle Map focuses on the DONOR and where they are in the lifecycle of giving. This gets my brain excited. I know, I’m weird to get this excited about fundraising! But this simple illustration does something very important: it helps you focus on retention. Going back to the donor pyramid – you know what this looks like, right? It has a bunch of … Read more

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Are you changing the world? Or just passing the time?

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. – Joel A. Barker I had a walking meeting with one of my favorite clients the other day (we walk and talk instead of sitting in a coffee shop – it’s great!) and I came across this engraved stone. I was struck by this simple statement and snapped a photo. When I googled it later, I found out it was the middle of the full quote listed above. So much is said in those simple words. I had to break it down to one sentence at a time to process it fully. Vision without action is merely a dream. … Read more

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Your Silent Auction Q & A

Gala season is upon us and that means many of you are worried about silent auction items. How many do you need? What do people bid on? Your silent auction questions answered here: How many silent auction items do we need? Fewer than you think. A good rule of thumb is no more than one item for every 5 guests. Many people attend these events as a couple, so you have fewer bidders than you have guests. And the way you raise money at an auction is by having competition. When you have too many auction items, you not only reduce competition, but you also can overwhelm your guests. If they feel like “shopping” the silent auction is work, they … Read more

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