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Can Your Donors See What You’re Doing?

It can be easy to assume that our donors KNOW what’s going on; that they spend as many hours as we do thinking about our organization and how we can fund the mission. But the reality is that unless we are intentionally transparent, donors can end up feeling at best confused, and at worst, deceived. According to H. Art Taylor, President and CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, “Transparency is one of the most powerful tools in helping to build strong, trusting relationships with your donors and the public.” He has a few suggestions for what we can do to increase transparency in our everyday fundraising activities. I’ll summarize them here: 1. Make fundraising goals and appeals clear Instead of … Read more

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What Every Fundraiser Needs to Know about “Snow Days”

The end of March in Colorado can be very unpredictable. Sometimes it’s 75 degrees, and sometimes we get over a foot of snow. Sometimes those two things happen back to back! As I sit here to write this blog post, my kids are home from school because they have a “snow day.” I put that in quotes, because this is the view in my back yard: Ummm…so where is the snow? Good question. Sometime early this morning, when it was snowing, a committee in our district decided to make it snow day. It looked like the storm was going to get much worse in a short amount of time. But Colorado fooled them again, and the weather got better instead. … Read more

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Wait a Minute…Who Does the Fundraising Around Here?

Spoiler alert: everyone. I recently came across a compelling video of social justice leaders speaking about the challenges and rewards of fundraising. They offer hints about how to do it right, and those hints lead to getting more people involved. Check out the video here. You have probably heard the phrase “creating a culture of philanthropy,” but what does that really mean in practice? It means getting everyone at your organization involved in helping donors to make the impact they desire through giving. It means that your board members, program staff and front desk volunteers are all part of the fundraising team. My favorite quote from the video: “Because the work matters to all of us at the organization, we … Read more

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