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Giving is a Social Activity

Think about the last time you gave to an organization, specifically one you haven’t given to before. How did you find out about that organization, and what made you decide to give? There is a good chance you heard about the organization from a friend or family member who asked you to give. I recently heard more detailed results of the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Generosity Survey. This survey is done every two or three years and it explores the generosity and giving habits of donors in Colorado. A few of the data points stuck out to me because they really demonstrate that giving is a social activity. Here they are: 60% of donors said “I tell my friends and family … Read more

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When Fundraising Just Feels BORING…

When you work for the same organization for a while, sometimes things can get stale. It can start to feel like you have “been there, done that!” How do you keep your fundraising ideas fresh? Although I have been in fundraising for over 20 years, I am still learning and looking for opportunities to learn. Learning new things and different perspectives helps me to see something I have done before with new eyes. If you need to shake things up a bit and get out of the “same stuff different day” mode, try one of these learning opportunities: Rocky Mountain Philanthropy Institute The Association of Fundraising Professionals hosts this quick and affordable conference, coming up quickly on September 8-9, 2016. … Read more

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Three Keys to Development Success

Many of my clients are looking for greater development success. Together we can develop fundraising strategies and I work with my clients on creating a plan. But real fundamental change and breakthrough results happen when organizations prioritize fundraising as essential. Two studies were recently done to explore fundraising more deeply. Although they had different goals and asked different questions, they drew basically the same conclusions. The first study, Beyond Fundraising, explored what “Culture of Philanthropy” means to organizations. The second, Fundraising Bright Spots, took a look at organizations that are achieving breakthrough results in individual giving. Here are the three common themes about successful nonprofit fundraising that emerged: 1. Development is not a separate function, it is central to mission … Read more

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