The holidays are here and that usually means it’s time to celebrate. But thanks to 2020, everything that was once obvious is no longer an assumption we can make. Like the rest of this year, our holidays are sure to look and feel different. Instead of gathering with my whole family for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party like this one in 2019, I will be home with my husband and kids trying to do our part to reduce the spread of the virus.

But personally, I am still finding reasons to celebrate. Here are a few:

Vaccine is on the way – my husband Joe is a Pediatric Emergency Room doctor, so I am especially thankful that the vaccine is already being given to front line providers. Hopefully the rest of us will also be vaccinated during 2021.

Racial Justice Awareness – Unfortunately, racial justice was something I failed to prioritize in the past. While I have a lot of learning left to do, I’m more aware than before and willing to continue learning, changing, and challenging others to do the same. I’m also hopeful that a very different administration will move us back in the right direction on this and so many other urgent concerns.

Craving time with those I love – I appreciate and crave time with my loved ones more than ever. This is something I definitely took for granted in the past. We’re doing porch visits and Zoom calls, but a simple dinner together indoors will feel like such a luxury and a gift when we’re finally able to have one safely.

I LOVE the work I do. I have always been proud to be an active part of the nonprofit sector. But wow, am I proud to count myself among you right now. Nonprofits continue to step up and adapt and adjust so they can serve more people than ever before. Donors continue to give and support, even while nonprofits are making these changes.

This is why I am so committed to philanthropy and fundraising and nonprofits. We work together to help others. Every. Single. Day. And that is one thing that did NOT change in 2020.

Last month, I was one of 35 honorees recognized during National Philanthropy Day in Colorado. I was nominated by Diana Goldberg, Executive Director of SungateKids, for my work as a Fundraising Strategy Coach for her organization and other nonprofits. It felt amazing to be part of this group that is working to create change in communities all across the state. This five-minute summary video tells a little bit about the honorees and will be sure to make you smile.

So I hope this holiday season you will also find a few reasons to celebrate. And if you or a nonprofit you love needs some help with fundraising, then give me a call. Together we can make crucial progress faster so you can really start to see results.