Many nonprofit organizations want to raise more money, but many things hold them back, such as lack of experience, time, funds or staff. In the Know can address these concerns by providing expertise in a timely manner. Contact me for a personalized proposal.

Fundraising Strategy Coaching:
I believe nonprofits are undeniable vital to our community. So I collaborate with you in a coaching relationship to help you get clear, confident, and strategic in your fundraising efforts. Because when we make your fundraising work for you, you can have more fun, raise more money, and help more people.


Strategic Planning Facilitation:
Having a Strategic Plan can be the best way to ensure organizational effectiveness and preparation for the future. Reconnect your board members with their passion for the cause and create a solid three-year strategic plan. First, we explore in depth where your organization is now and start to develop ideas for future direction. Then we articulate detailed goals and objectives focused on sustainable strategies. You will walk away with a written strategic plan and a foundation for long term growth.

Preparing for a Campaign
Maybe what you really need is help getting ready for a major campaign. Whether you need to bring in significant funds for program expansion, capital improvements, endowment, or all three, we can help you plan, prepare for and execute a major campaign. I have a strategic alliance with colleagues to create a team approach to Development Capacity Assessments, Campaign Feasibility Reviews and Studies, and Campaign Counsel Services.

“Cindy is truly an expert in the field. Equipped with a razor sharp mind and a proven formula that works, she has helped us create a fundraising plan that is a dynamic, living document with realistic, attainable goals and measurable objectives and a step-by-step implementation plan for the staff and the Board. The plan itself is valuable, but even more valuable are the discussions we have in each of our bi-monthly meetings with Cindy. Cindy challenges us to think harder, dig deeper and reach higher than anyone from our Board, our staff or our supporters ever has. The conversations are not always easy – but that is exactly what makes them so important. And the results are, in a word, priceless. If you want someone to simply create a plan for you so you can check a box, present it and put it on a shelf for the next 3-5 years, then Cindy is not the right person for you. But if you want to have someone work with you to build your organization in ways you never even imagined possible, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, then Cindy is the only one for you.”


Executive Director | SungateKids