As a follow up to my last blog post, I wanted to let you all know about this movement toward Community-Centric Fundraising. I heard about it from Vu Le (Nonprofit AF). Here is their description:

Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF) is a new fundraising movement that is grounded in racial and economic justice. CCF believes in ending the white-savior complex and poverty tourism that mark current fundraising philosophies and practices, prioritizing the needs of the entire community over the needs of individual donors and organizations, and fostering a sense of belonging and interdependence within the practice of fundraising in the nonprofit sector. It believes in the work of fundraising not as individual transactions but holistically, encouraging mutual support between mission-driven organizations and nonprofits.

This movement kicked off with a virtual event on Monday, July 13th at 12pm MST. Follow @comm_centric for more info or join their mailing list.

I have to be really honest with all of you and admit that I am challenged by this paradigm shift. It’s very different from Donor Centered Fundraising, a method and approach made popular by Penelope Burk. I have quoted her studies and followed her thinking and purchased her books. I have encouraged my clients to do the same. I have been part of the system that expects nonprofits to court and concede to mostly wealthy white donors.

But our world has changed and continues to change. Our sector must also change. Much of what Vu and others talk about in this movement will be challenging to hear and even more challenging to actually act upon. I want to start by at least being willing to listen.

Change often leads to growth.

So I am going to put my Big Girl Pants on and open my ears and heart. I hope you decide to join me.