Wait a Minute…Who Does the Fundraising Around Here?

Spoiler alert: everyone. I recently came across a compelling video of social justice leaders speaking about the challenges and rewards of fundraising. They offer hints about how to do it right, and those hints lead to getting more people involved. Check out the video here. You have probably heard the phrase “creating a culture of…

Culture of Philanthropy

Three Keys to Development Success

Many of my clients are looking for greater development success. Together we can develop fundraising strategies and I work with my clients on creating a plan. But real fundamental change and breakthrough results happen when organizations prioritize fundraising as essential. Two studies were recently done to explore fundraising more deeply. Although they had different goals…


It’s Always a Season for Service

Earlier this month I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the Alpha Phi Omega Section 49 Conference in St. Louis. APO is a National Co-Ed Service Fraternity on college campuses around the country encouraging college students to get involved in community service. I was a member as an undergrad at Colorado State University,…

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