Why Fundraising?

Save the Johnson Amendment

Recently, our current President and certain Legislators have indicated they want to weaken or eliminate the Johnson Amendment. Signed into law in 1954, the Johnson Amendment prevents 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations from endorsing (or opposing) candidates from office, and prevents nonprofit organizations from making significant contributions to elect or defeat a candidate for office. For over…

Giving USA

What You Need to Know about Giving USA 2017

Despite economic and political uncertainly, philanthropic giving still increased in 2016, hitting a record high $390.05 billion. Every year in June, Giving USA releases the “Annual Report on Philanthropy” and provides us with an overall picture of philanthropic giving in the United States. Thanks to Giving USA and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, we…

Fundraising Events

Does Your Board Support Your Fundraising Event?

If you gathered all the board members who really support your fundraising event into a room, how full — or empty — would that room be? I am willing to bet that that events with board support are much more successful than the ones without board support. I would even argue that you CAN’T have…